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Pedagogies of Dissent




Her Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground

Annual Meeting, American Studies Association, November 9-12, 2017

“Pedagogies of Dissent” emphasizes the conjuncture of education, politics, and intellectual work that has long been and remains central to the vibrancy of American studies. While pedagogy invokes the role education plays as a cornerstone of democracy, dissent is arguably at the heart of not just educational politics, but the political economic field in which education at all levels, and in formal and informal settings, unfolds today.


Houston Center for Photography, March 3-May 7, 2017

In the nineteenth century, male photographers featured the female in the landscape as an object or an allegory of sexuality or Mother Nature—something to be gazed upon—rather than an active force. Her Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground features the work of 6 photographers who reference this history, as a foundation for their work as they insert their new perspectives into the genre. Through self-representation, whether symbolic or through self-portraits, the artists in this exhibition firmly plant themselves in this new, yet familiar cultural landscape.


February 7, 2017

The Social Image, 7-9pm

November 17-19, 2016

Black Portraitures III: The African Influence
Myths and Portraits panel
August 17-19, 2016
Black Artist Retreat
April 9 - May 7, 2016
Exhibit: If We Came From Nowhere Here, Why Can’t We Go Somewhere There?
Artworks Trenton, Trenton, NJ
January 2016
In Conversation with Naima Green
November 18, 2015